Walk down NW Second Avenue near 26th Street, and you'll come across an unassuming storefront with a painted portrait of Yves Saint Laurent. No big signs. No flashy lights. 

But none of that is needed. 

There's plenty of flash within the four walls of the Keni Valenti Gallery. Walk through a shiny silver curtain and get transported to a world of all things glam -- and a space that appears to be more fashion history museum than art gallery. 

The first of its kind in Miami, the Keni Valenti Gallery is playing host to a revolving fashion exhibit. That's right -- every eight weeks a new collection will be revealed, with all of the items for sale. The first up is everything Yves Saint Laurent, and Valenti appropriately painted the entire interior the same Tiffany blue as the lining of all of YSL's signature hats. "It makes you feel like you're inside of his head, doesn't it?" he posits. It sure does. 

You'll find everything from jewelry and hats to bedsheets here. "I have 10 times as much as what you see of Saint Laurent pieces, so I had to really be selective and think about and curate it, which was really difficult," he continues. Looking upon each mannequin (which is also painted Tiffany blue), Valenti has taken the time to style each head-to-toe, and given each one wholesale-style price tag.